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A whispering voice and Hu Chant

I would like to share something very special that happened to me about this time last year in December 2019. I was reading and researching online about different chants from around the world that helps with stillness of the mind for CE5 or human initiated contact with the Extra terrestrials….. I searched YouTube, playing snippets of chants while closing my eyes and listening till one or two would resonate with me, I wanted one so I could play before meditation later that night.

I eventual came across the ‘Hu Chant’ from the Eckankar movement. I didn’t know anything about the movement or the chant itself. There were a few Hu chants on YouTube, ranging from different frequencies and tone, again I played a snippet of all of them that I encountered, to see if anyone of them would Resonated with with….. I then found this one that I posted below, I bookmarked so I could use it before I sat for meditation that night, and that was that.

Later that night, I got ready to sit for meditation, I had a lamp light on in the room, and relaxed. I started to play the Hu chant that I had bookmarked earlier on in the day, I played it through my headphones and took a deep breath and listened deeply with it, one with it.
I was approximately three minutes into the chant, when suddenly a quiet but pronounce voice from inside my being whispered “Verbatim”??? I quickly opened my eyes in a state of ‘what was that?’ First I just passed it off as imagination, I then closed my eyes again, and then again, I heard the whispering voice say “Verbatim” again! I then knew it wasn’t my imagination, someone or something wanted me to hear this word they was speaking to me….. I had honestly never heard of the word ‘Verbatim’ or even if it was a word? I instantly stopped what I was doing and searched the word verbatim online, I was blown away by the first words I read in the search results which are below.

“Verbatim is defined as an exact repetition without changing the words. An example of verbatim is when you quote someone exactly without changing anything. Word for word; in exactly the same words as were used originally.” 

I then realized that someone or something was pointing or pushing me in the direction to repetition of this chant word for word, I was ecstatic and felt blessed!
This is what I feel that the Extra Terrestrials and spirit beings are bringing to the world, that message is that, God is within everyone.

The next day I done some research on the chant and it actually means ‘A love song to God’…. Again! I feel that God is our true nature or true self, Buddha nature, Tao, source….. Call it what you will! But not some man or woman in the sky making judgments on us, Jesus even said “The Kingdom of God is Within” He doesn’t say it could be or was, he said ‘IS’ it’s there already, in each and everyone of us, it’s what connects us all as one, it’s the stillness of perception that lays within us, it lays deep inside, not the Ego or false self that most of us live our lives by, but deeper, it’s never born and it never dies, it is infinite.
This experience of the whispering voice says with me everyday even a year later, it is a experience that I will treasure forever, the unknow voice pointing me, you, to something greater than what we live by, continue to look deep within through meditation for the perception that is aware of everything.

This is the Version of Hu Chant That I used:

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