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Sture Johansson and the spirit Ambres

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Many years ago, After watching Shirley MacLaine’s brilliant film and Book ‘Out on a limb’ I got interested in Sture Johansson, who trance channels the spirit ‘Ambres’. Shirley MacLaine went to Sweden to visit Sture in the film, and sat in on one of his trance channeling sessions.
Sture is a simple Carpenter who lives in Värmland Sweden, he started working as a carpenter at the age of thirteen. Sture is a very earthy character, and lives a simple life in the remote part of Sweden.

As I am aware, it was 1976 when Stures wife who was interested in Meditation at that time, asked Sture to go with her to a meditation class. Reluctantly he went with her. Sture kept falling asleep during the meditation sessions as he stared at a blank wall in a dimly lit room. Others were having experiences from their meditation, but Sture had nothing.
Until, one night, he recalls being in the meditation class and on closing his eyes he felt like he was on a cradle or swing like motion going back and forth, and then suddenly falling off…. He quickly opened his eyes to find the others in the class all staring at him, he thought he had fallen asleep again, and was snoring loudly, until they informed him that a spirit had spoke through him using him as an instrument.

Sture was frightened at first he thought, could it be that he was speaking from his own subconscious or going insane, he questioned himself thoroughly. The intriguing thing is, that Sture never remembers any of the channeling sessions and feels like it could be a second in his mind, but in reality the trance channeling went on for sometimes three hours or so, there appears to be no time and space where ever Stures consciousness goes while Ambres is using his body to speak… He says it’s like someone flicking the light on and off.

This Spirit frequently came through for a year, using Sture as an instrument to speak, but it was in 1977 spirit Ambres came through for the first time, Ambres claimed he is 3000 years old and shared the same message about love, and that mankind is a co-creator with God, that we each have God inside of us, and with each life time, we grow more spiritual with every lesson, although we don’t realize it.
By all accounts Ambres speaks in an ancient Swedish delict and still works through Sture even to this day.

Many people over the years have come to see Ambres talk, hearing him spread the message that consciousness does not die… And as he states, he uses Stures Body as an instrument to speak, it’s the same thing that our spirit/consciousness using our present body that we are in now, to live this thing called life, until this borrowed body dies and we incarnate again. He speaks of unconditional love is the answer to todays problems, but that the ego gets in the way of this Love.
Sture still has no recollection of Ambres even till this day.

There was a documentary made of him that I found on YouTube, whereby the director Anders Grönros for a year and a half, filmed the carpenter, it aired on Swedish TV around 2008/2009, the documentary follows his personal day to day life, talks with Ambres on regular sessions, it’s a very intriguing documentary with English sub titles, the Director also gives his own thoughts periodically throughout the film.
I have placed a link below if anyone is interested in watching the whole documentary. It comes in six parts as a playlist.

Explore your soul, Lance.

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