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Sture Johansson and the spirit Ambres

"Explore your soul"

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Many years ago, After watching Shirley MacLaine’s brilliant film and Book ‘Out on a limb’ I got interested in Sture Johansson, who trance channels the spirit ‘Ambres’. Shirley MacLaine went to Sweden to visit Sture in the film, and sat in on one of his trance channeling sessions.
Sture is a simple Carpenter who lives in Värmland Sweden, he started working as a carpenter at the age of thirteen. Sture is a very earthy character, and lives a simple life in the remote part of Sweden.

As I am aware, it was 1976 when Stures wife who was interested in Meditation at that time, asked Sture to go with her to a meditation class. Reluctantly he went with her. Sture kept falling asleep during the meditation sessions as he stared at a blank wall in a dimly lit room. Others were having experiences from their meditation, but…

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