Other worlds Contact

Meditation is the key to understanding your true self, we are all one universal mind.
To return to stillness of your true nature, Meditation is the key to unlocking this universal oneness.

The CE-5 (Close encounters of the fifth kind) movement basis it’s protocols on tapping into this universal oneness before contact is made, it’s a vital process, look within first! Then make contact.
I first discovered the CE-5 movement back in 2017, Dr Steven Greer came up with the protocols back in the 1990tys, the protocols are very much is to still the mind, look within and a sequence of remote viewing…. I however tend to stick with inquiring within into the true nature of oneself, and then when the mind is aware of thoughts passing by like clouds in the sky, only then I invite our star brother and sisters to make contact, I don’t remote view (As of now anyway).

Did the great masters of time gone by, also tap into this contact source by meditation? All through time the three wise men in the New Testament seen a moving star guiding them to Baby Jesus…. Buddha meditated under the bodhi tree and then look at a star in the sky and boom!! Was Enlightened! All the teachings from the ascended masters, talk of love and peace, to ‘Know thy self’ as Socrates teaches us…. Jesus said, ‘the Kingdom of God is within’ etc.

Throughout history the ancient text of the Vedas, all understood the key was to still the mind through a meditation of some sort, then inquiring within, this is where love, humility, NON-judgment is, it’s the awareness of awareness, it’s never born and it never dies, when everything external comes and goes, changing, changing, changing, non stop, this thing with no name! (Some people for teaching purposes call it true nature, or True self, universal mind, Christ nature, Buddha Nature, Tao, and so on), but it has no name. This is what the Masters have tried to teach us, and I believe with many others, that this is the message that the Extra Terrestrials have tried to teach us throughout history and still continue to do so, even till this present day.

So for making contact with other dimensions, such as contact with the Extra Terrestrials, or the spirit world, which I believe there is a connection, and really shouldn’t be separated, as they are both one Consciousness ever evolving towards the God Truth that we are all co-creators with God, and God is Within. I believe the key that most people miss is the ‘looking within’ first! Living a life of humility, inquiring within, and like everything else in life it takes practice, but I feel this is a vital point and the basis for contact with other worlds. We’re all connected on this spiritual vibration of oneness and universal mind, so therefore for positive ongoing contact to happen, I feel daily meditation, is a must.

Published by Lance Reed


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