“Love you so much” A Transform E.V.P

This E.V.P came through the crystal bridge device, at my home recorded in silence
The crystal bridge is gently fed with White noise as a source for spirit to speak.
I asked my Nan, how was she today… “I hear a response of “Love you so much”.

I am now asking for people who want me to try and communicate with their loved ones on the other side via the crystal bridge…. Of course contact is NOT always promised, but If you email me with a photo of you loved one at lancereed62@aol.com many thanks Lance.

” Big Circle”

A Transform E.V.P that came through the crystal bridge from Debbie Caruso.
Debbie (now Deceased) was a online friend and member of the big circle and AAEVP founded by Sarah Estep in 1982.
I asked Debbie was she still working with the big circle on the other side? I hear Debbie speak “Big Circle”
Take a listen, let me know what you feel?
Take care, Lance

“Big Circle”

Other worlds Contact

Meditation is the key to understanding your true self, we are all one universal mind.
To return to stillness of your true nature, Meditation is the key to unlocking this universal oneness.

Did the great masters of time gone by, also tap into this contact source by meditation? All through time the three wise men in the New Testament seen a moving star guiding them to Baby Jesus…. Buddha meditated under the bodhi tree and then look at a star in the sky and boom!! Was Enlightened! All the teachings from the ascended masters, talk of love and peace, to ‘Know thy self’ as Socrates teaches us…. Jesus said, ‘the Kingdom of God is within’ etc.

Throughout history the ancient text of the Vedas, all understood the key was to still the mind through a meditation of some sort, then inquiring within, this is where love, humility, NON-judgment is, it’s the awareness of awareness, it’s never born and it never dies, when everything external comes and goes, changing, changing, changing, non stop, this thing with no name! (Some people for teaching purposes call it true nature, or True self, universal mind, Christ nature, Buddha Nature, Tao, and so on), but it has no name. This is what the Masters have tried to teach us, and I believe with many others, that this is the message that the Spirit world and the Extra Terrestrials have tried to teach us throughout history and still continue to do so, even till this present day.

So for making contact with other dimensions, such as contact with the spirit world or ET, which I believe there might be a connection, and really shouldn’t be separated, as they are both one Consciousness ever evolving towards the God Truth that we are all co-creators with God, and God is Within. I believe the key that most people miss is the ‘looking within’ first! Living a life of humility, inquiring within, and like everything else in life it takes practice, but I feel this is a vital point and the basis for contact with other worlds. We’re all connected on this spiritual vibration of oneness and universal mind, so therefore for positive ongoing contact to happen, I feel daily meditation, is a must.

Sture Johansson and the spirit Ambres

"Explore your soul"

Image from- https://www.imdb.com/title/tt7537622/

Many years ago, After watching Shirley MacLaine’s brilliant film and Book ‘Out on a limb’ I got interested in Sture Johansson, who trance channels the spirit ‘Ambres’. Shirley MacLaine went to Sweden to visit Sture in the film, and sat in on one of his trance channeling sessions.
Sture is a simple Carpenter who lives in Värmland Sweden, he started working as a carpenter at the age of thirteen. Sture is a very earthy character, and lives a simple life in the remote part of Sweden.

As I am aware, it was 1976 when Stures wife who was interested in Meditation at that time, asked Sture to go with her to a meditation class. Reluctantly he went with her. Sture kept falling asleep during the meditation sessions as he stared at a blank wall in a dimly lit room. Others were having experiences from their meditation, but…

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Sture Johansson and the spirit Ambres

Image from- https://www.imdb.com/title/tt7537622/

Many years ago, After watching Shirley MacLaine’s brilliant film and Book ‘Out on a limb’ I got interested in Sture Johansson, who trance channels the spirit ‘Ambres’. Shirley MacLaine went to Sweden to visit Sture in the film, and sat in on one of his trance channeling sessions.
Sture is a simple Carpenter who lives in Värmland Sweden, he started working as a carpenter at the age of thirteen. Sture is a very earthy character, and lives a simple life in the remote part of Sweden.

As I am aware, it was 1976 when Stures wife who was interested in Meditation at that time, asked Sture to go with her to a meditation class. Reluctantly he went with her. Sture kept falling asleep during the meditation sessions as he stared at a blank wall in a dimly lit room. Others were having experiences from their meditation, but Sture had nothing.
Until, one night, he recalls being in the meditation class and on closing his eyes he felt like he was on a cradle or swing like motion going back and forth, and then suddenly falling off…. He quickly opened his eyes to find the others in the class all staring at him, he thought he had fallen asleep again, and was snoring loudly, until they informed him that a spirit had spoke through him using him as an instrument.

Sture was frightened at first he thought, could it be that he was speaking from his own subconscious or going insane, he questioned himself thoroughly. The intriguing thing is, that Sture never remembers any of the channeling sessions and feels like it could be a second in his mind, but in reality the trance channeling went on for sometimes three hours or so, there appears to be no time and space where ever Stures consciousness goes while Ambres is using his body to speak… He says it’s like someone flicking the light on and off.

This Spirit frequently came through for a year, using Sture as an instrument to speak, but it was in 1977 spirit Ambres came through for the first time, Ambres claimed he is 3000 years old and shared the same message about love, and that mankind is a co-creator with God, that we each have God inside of us, and with each life time, we grow more spiritual with every lesson, although we don’t realize it.
By all accounts Ambres speaks in an ancient Swedish delict and still works through Sture even to this day.

Many people over the years have come to see Ambres talk, hearing him spread the message that consciousness does not die… And as he states, he uses Stures Body as an instrument to speak, it’s the same thing that our spirit/consciousness using our present body that we are in now, to live this thing called life, until this borrowed body dies and we incarnate again. He speaks of unconditional love is the answer to todays problems, but that the ego gets in the way of this Love.
Sture still has no recollection of Ambres even till this day.

There was a documentary made of him that I found on YouTube, whereby the director Anders Grönros for a year and a half, filmed the carpenter, it aired on Swedish TV around 2008/2009, the documentary follows his personal day to day life, talks with Ambres on regular sessions, it’s a very intriguing documentary with English sub titles, the Director also gives his own thoughts periodically throughout the film.
I have placed a link below if anyone is interested in watching the whole documentary. It comes in six parts as a playlist.

Explore your soul, Lance.

Merry Christmas To all

I would like to wish everybody out there, a big Merry Christmas…. I know it’s a bit different this year with the lockdowns and pandemic, but appreciate those that are around you, as every soul touches another in some way, so make it positive.

Take care and stay safe! Lance.

Tao Te Ching- on Softness, Flexibility

“Change is never painful, only the resistance to change is painful.”- Unknown

One of many things I have learnt to live by from the Lao Tzu’s Tao Te Ching, is softness and how to be flexible, not so much with my body but with my mind, being more open to change and learning from other people.
I was brought up to stand firm by my believes, to stay steadfast with them no matter what! It is what a strong person does, to stand by his/her believes and argue with another if they ever try to disrespect them.
But the Tao has taught me to be open to new possibilities and that things change constantly….. To flow with nature, believes are constantly changing, the circumstances that surround the believes are also changing.

As DR Wayne Dyer says it ;-

“What was true in the morning has become a lie in the afternoon.” 

This quote above, means a lot of things to do with the shift of life, but the main thing that stands out for myself is that views and opinions can change with time, like the Tao teaches us, to surrender and let go, to go with the flow, to become soft and flexible.

Verse 76 of the Tao Te Ching;
Translation by Jane English and Gia-Fu Feng

A man is born gentle and weak.
At his death he is hard and stiff.
Green plants are tender and filled with sap.
At their death they are withered and dry.

Therefore the stiff and unbending is the disciple of death.
The gentle and yielding is the disciple of life.

Thus an army without flexibility never wins a battle.
A tree that is unbending is easily broken.

The hard and strong will fall.
The soft and weak will overcome.

Rigidity can be very damaging for any person….
For example,
If you say something on Monday and have the same opinion on Wednesday, regardless what had happened on Tuesday, is a very dangerous thinker, The Tao teaches us to flow like water to change with change, be soft and open is the way.
People change, things change, circumstances change, The Tao has taught me to surf through life rather than to swim against the current.

To Quote Bruce Lee:-
“Be like water making its way through cracks. Do not be assertive, but adjust to the object, and you shall find a way around or through it. If nothing within you stays rigid, outward things will disclose themselves.” – Bruce Lee

Thanks for reading, Take care, Lance.

A whispering voice and Hu Chant

I would like to share something very special that happened to me about this time last year in December 2019. I was reading and researching online about different chants from around the world that helps with stillness of the mind for CE5 or human initiated contact with the Extra terrestrials….. I searched YouTube, playing snippets of chants while closing my eyes and listening till one or two would resonate with me, I wanted one so I could play before meditation later that night.

I eventual came across the ‘Hu Chant’ from the Eckankar movement. I didn’t know anything about the movement or the chant itself. There were a few Hu chants on YouTube, ranging from different frequencies and tone, again I played a snippet of all of them that I encountered, to see if anyone of them would Resonated with with….. I then found this one that I posted below, I bookmarked so I could use it before I sat for meditation that night, and that was that.

Later that night, I got ready to sit for meditation, I had a lamp light on in the room, and relaxed. I started to play the Hu chant that I had bookmarked earlier on in the day, I played it through my headphones and took a deep breath and listened deeply with it, one with it.
I was approximately three minutes into the chant, when suddenly a quiet but pronounce voice from inside my being whispered “Verbatim”??? I quickly opened my eyes in a state of ‘what was that?’ First I just passed it off as imagination, I then closed my eyes again, and then again, I heard the whispering voice say “Verbatim” again! I then knew it wasn’t my imagination, someone or something wanted me to hear this word they was speaking to me….. I had honestly never heard of the word ‘Verbatim’ or even if it was a word? I instantly stopped what I was doing and searched the word verbatim online, I was blown away by the first words I read in the search results which are below.

“Verbatim is defined as an exact repetition without changing the words. An example of verbatim is when you quote someone exactly without changing anything. Word for word; in exactly the same words as were used originally.” 

I then realized that someone or something was pointing or pushing me in the direction to repetition of this chant word for word, I was ecstatic and felt blessed!
This is what I feel that the Extra Terrestrials and spirit beings are bringing to the world, that message is that, God is within everyone.

The next day I done some research on the chant and it actually means ‘A love song to God’…. Again! I feel that God is our true nature or true self, Buddha nature, Tao, source….. Call it what you will! But not some man or woman in the sky making judgments on us, Jesus even said “The Kingdom of God is Within” He doesn’t say it could be or was, he said ‘IS’ it’s there already, in each and everyone of us, it’s what connects us all as one, it’s the stillness of perception that lays within us, it lays deep inside, not the Ego or false self that most of us live our lives by, but deeper, it’s never born and it never dies, it is infinite.
This experience of the whispering voice says with me everyday even a year later, it is a experience that I will treasure forever, the unknow voice pointing me, you, to something greater than what we live by, continue to look deep within through meditation for the perception that is aware of everything.

This is the Version of Hu Chant That I used:

Surrendering to my Spiritual Journey

Hi All
I suffer from mental health conditions know as Bipolar disorder and Obsessive compulsion behavior, I have had these condition since an early age of my life, as a result of this, I am always searching for new ways to cope with this condition and to grow and evolve spiritually. Apart from daily doses of medication, which work for me, and help keep me stable, (Well as much as they can….) I am still left with the niggling bits of these illness….. I am very seclusive, I don’t socialize very well, the PC computer is my link to the outside world, over the years I have experienced many series of Psychotic episodes, ranging from auditory voices, Paranoia delusional states etc.
From a young age, I have always wondered who am I? And where do I fit into this universe? Etc. I have always had these questions, ever since I can remember, so as a continuation I had done a lot of casual learning and listening from the great sages of time, but It wasn’t till a November 2015 when I started to put all these teachings and learnings into practice and seriously started to meditate everyday and live by what I have learned and experienced from the great teachers of time gone by and present time.

One thing I have learned throughout my life, is that everyone suffers in their own lives, on a daily basis and everyone wants to escape this suffering and would rather be happy, but how do we do this???

From researching and practicing Eastern teachings, such as Zen Buddhism and writings of Lao Tzu ‘Tao Te Ching’, and many other great sages…. I feel I have found my way to escape this suffering.
My research and practice has lead me to this!

Our suffering comes from our own mind! We are always constantly unaware of the thinking state, we are either thinking of past events or what’s to come, never in the moment, the chattering and commentary mind is always at work projecting these thoughts and we are so unaware of them and in most cases we are living these thoughts from past or future as the living present moment, but that shouldn’t be the case. We are living in the illusion that these thoughts and feeling are the made up ‘I’ or ‘Me’.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could have a break from this mind?

Wouldn’t it be great to be aware of things as they really are, without the mind causing anxiety by projecting thoughts of the future or past clouding our decisions if to do something or not out of life?

Through Mindfulness Meditation and self inquiry we can accomplish this. As everything it takes daily practice to achieve something, but I have found it’s well worth it.

Lets break Mindfulness meditation in half to explore whats going on here.

When sitting for mindful meditation, one needs to find a quiet place to do so somewhere where you will not be disturbed for a while. You can sit in a chair or lying down or in the basic crossed legged architect position.

First, Half close you eyes and gentle glance to the floor, now the next step is to be aware of your breath, feel the breath as you inhale and exhale, breath from the center of your stomach (Not your chest) Breath naturally not forced, breath gentle and soft as a baby would. This breath awareness will ground you, and surrender, let go of yourself…. Of course you mind will not let you concentrate for long, it will start to project thoughts of the past or future, memories, goals etc, People think mindful meditation is about stopping your thoughts all together, this is not the case, What this meditation aims to achieve, is to be fully aware of when your thinking, feelings, sensations when it arises.

One example I like to use of how to explain this method is this;

“Imagine a the ocean, with the waves crashing around on the surface of the waters, everything so much hecticness and so much Chaos nothing in the water is clear, this is our thinking mind on a daily basis! But the further down or deeper you go, everything becomes still, you can see clearly it becomes serene and calm, this is the awakened mind, when we are in mindfulness state”

So lets get back to the Meditation method, when you feel you thoughts pulling you away from your breathing, let the thoughts come, be aware of them, not pushing them away, then let the thoughts dissolve gently just as a cloud comes and disappears. DO NOT try to avoid your thoughts, just let them simply come and go and gently return back to your awareness of the breath, keep repeating this as the thoughts occur. This is know as taming the mind or monkey mind.
When in this state of awareness when you mind is calm, and you can see your thoughts coming and going like your on a island watching them go by, simply turn the awareness inward and ask “what Am I” or “what hears that sound,” “who sees” what is perceiving? Do not ask this question as a conceptual question, but turn the light of awareness inward.

This in between thoughts…. Is what we are aiming for, when thinking gets cut off, before a thought arises again, this is Zen… This is the state of being in which we are just there in the moment, is infinity, it’s never born and it never dies, it just is, everything just as it is!!! Oneness with all things! No thoughts of past or future, no worries or anxiety, some people from different spiritual ways of thought, call this beginners mind, no mind, Christ nature, true self, the cloud of unknowing, don’t know mind, Tao, source, God.. But naming it or calling it something is already a mistake….
The first line of the Tao Te Ching, is as follows;
The Tao that can be told
is not the eternal Tao
The name that can be named
is not the eternal Name.

But for teaching purposes people use the above names etc., the point is, the state of awareness of all things.

This state of being with practice, gets bigger and bigger, so you can be in the moment when you are washing dishes, out walking, when worries occur etc.
In the beginning of sitting, you will experience you mind will be all over the place, one minute you will be watching the breath, then you thoughts will take you away from it for minutes at a time, without you even releasing it, but with practice, you will learn to tame this mind. When I started sitting myself for the first few weeks or so, It was like a kios of thoughts and commentary, like if someone was flipping the pages of as picture book, thoughts and vision was bursting in my mind uncontrollably!

I feel that meditation needs to be done everyday for at lest 25 mins, or as you can manage, it’s like refilling your petrol tank everyday or recharging this way of ‘being’, it takes consistency.
But I found big changes in myself, after a few weeks or months after practicing mindfulness meditation. I felt calm in myself more, and able to handle inner and outer turmoil better. But again I tell you, meditation needs to be done everyday as a way of life, for true self of oneness to be present as it always is, but buried beneath the clutter of mind habits and illusions of this world.
Anyway, I hope that my research and practices brings you some goodness to your life as it has mine, Zen is a daily practice for myself since November 2015 and each day I am becoming more aware and living in the moment and aware of true nature. Mindful meditation and self inquiry, is firstly should be to become aware of the true self and to live in the present, moment to moment.
As always, feel free to leave a comment if this has helped you in anyway.

“The medicine for my suffering I had within me from the very beginning but I did not take it. My ailment came from within myself, but I did not observe it until this moment. Now I see I will never find the light unless, like a candle, I am my own fuel.” –
Bruce Lee

All of the above is from my own practice and research, I am self taught.

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